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The screen shot above is MaziPhone's home Widget screen

Welcome To MaziPhone

MaziPhone is a practical Android app/widget (By R.M. Communications, L.T.D) that lets you decide ahead of time and automatically what to do when a phone call comes in. MaziPhone currently works in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew.

The basic idea behind MaziPhone is that on occasion when you are not available to talk (in the movies, eating dinner, etc.) you can have MaziPhone automatically hang up on the caller and send the caller a customized text message saying you cannot come to the phone right now, etc.

When MaziPhone is on and configured to hang up and send text, the caller will be routed to VM and receive your text message.

But what if you wish to take some calls from your spouse/friend/kid but send a message to everybody else? It is simple. Tap Favorite Contacts and place checkmarks next to the contacts you wish MaziPhone NOT to block.

The home screen widget (shown to the left) shows MaziPhone with either a green icon (on) or a red icon (off) and also shows the last number that called you.

MaziPhone is fun, simple and very practical. It allows you to control incoming calls automatically. Enjoy!

Click here to see MaziPhone Help/Settings screen