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The screen shot above is MaziPhone's Settings screen

MaziPhone Settings Screen

MaziPhone is a practical Android app/widget that lets you decide ahead of time and automatically what to do when a phone call comes in.

To get to MaziPhone Settings screen simply tap the MaziPhone home widget.

The following are the options in the MaziPhone Settings Screen:

Turn MaziPhone on/off:

If you uncheck this, MaziPhone will be disabled and ALL calls will come through

On call, do this...:

You can choose from 3 options here:

  1. You can set MaziPhone to hang up and send text
  2. Simply hang up (no text)
  3. or Do Nothing at which point MaziPhone will still record the number of the last caller but will not act (i.e. will not hang up, etc.)

Send This Text...:

If MaziPhone is set to Kill Call, Send Text, this field will become enabled. Simply type the text you wish MaziPhone to send to the callers it hangs up on. Typical text is, 'I am not available now and will call you back.' Of course, any text will do, but please note that MaziPhone will send only 160 characters of your message. That's what most phone carriers will do in one text, so be brief

Favorite Contacts:

Tap this to see a list of all your contacts. Place a checkmark next to the contacts you want MaziPhone not to act upon

Last Call:

This is where MaziPhone records the last call (unless MaziPhone is turned off)

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